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Binary Options Reviews – Essential Information About Binary Options

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in News, Trading |


Sometimes it seems that all we do these days is finding new ways of earning some extra money. It has to be easy, it has to be fast and it certainly has to provide the sum of money we find enough to satisfy our needs. The problem seems to be that it’s never as enough, it’s never as fast and as easy as we would like it. Nevertheless, today we’re going to find out what is probably the most popular way of earning some money online. It’s the binary options trading. We’ll discuss about whether it can really be as profitable as the creators are promising, and last, but certainly not the least, what are binary options reviews for, how can they be helpful and why do you need to check them out before even starting.

sssSince it showed up, about a decade ago, the binary options industry has grown very fast and became very popular. We know that the online world is packed with a large amount of systems that offer big prizes, big bonuses and fun. For example, gambling has been the number one industry providing both fun and the money. It all sounds great, but gambling has become a target for criticism coming from various experts. Many of them say that gambling is a big scam and that no one can actually beat the machines and gain. They say you can only lose.

So what about binary options? Binary options somehow get better reviews. Why is that? It’s not a secret that binary options are often considered as a different form of gambling. It’s all about investing your money and then waiting to see if you guessed. For those of you who might still not be completely sure what binary options really are, we’re going to give a simple explanation.

2222Binary options are the new way of earning money online. You need to choose a binary options platform where you’re going to perform trading. To be clear, you’re trading assets such as gold, commodities, currencies, and, of course, stocks. It all seems to be a real deal, right? It sounds like serious job. That’s true, but trading itself is actually made to be easy and fast.

The money you get comes from your capacity of estimating whether the prices will fall or rise. Here’s where you might recognize the similarity that binary options have with gambling. It’s all about predicting. If you’re good at it, you can earn up to 80 per cent of the amount of money you invested in the first place. So now we might conclude that it can be as profitable as they’re promising.

Binary options reviews are very helpful. They’re giving you all the information about the payment options, deposits, trading tools, strategies and methods you’re going to use. Reviews are also helpful when choosing the brokers and the binary options platforms. It gives you the overall bigger picture of the binary options. You can see some good binary options at banc de binary review.

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Reason Of Failure

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Finance, News |

Dices cubes with the words SELL BUY, uptrend stacks of golden

Unrealistic goals

We need to recognize if there are irresponsible brokers who use false advertising and promise incredible amounts of money in a very short time. Such brokers convince traders that trading binary options, easy way to get the money. In reality, the binary options are a profitable way of trading, but only if the trader responsible, knowledgeable and patient. To avoid bad brokers and scammers, choose a broker that is regulated by CySEC. Traders must be aware of their own greed, and false promises, and understand that the binary options types of investment where it is impossible rich overnight. Also, traders have to take into account how much they have invested, because greater investments bring higher profits.

For traders who have more funds to invest, we recommend Binary Hedge Fund.

Ignoring changes

It is easy to forget that the binary options industry dynamic, and that is why every trader must be ready at any time re-evaluate its plan, the chosen strategy and selected investments. The changes are not the enemy. They are the new opportunities that allow traders to earn more if you are willing to adapt to new circumstances. Quality education and a detailed plan can reduce the risk of unpredictable changes but do not guarantee that it will not come to that. Also, traders should not be afraid of additional tools and functionality offered by the broker, such as rollover, double up, early closure and sell in order to adapt to new circumstances in the market.


Poor financial strategy

It is impossible to be successful trader binary options without implementing the right strategy, but traders sometimes forget that the strategy is not enough for success. Trader with a good strategy knows what is going on at all times, aware of the risks and know what to do in case the option goes to unforeseen direction. Successful traders know how to deal with risk and know all about high-risk trades. Never invest all of its assets in high-Trade, but only small amounts. Thus ensuring their funds from large losses and still have a reserve in more conservative investments, for losses, no matter how small, causes an imbalance.

Trading binary options (binary options robot for example) can be a great experience, if an individual is aware of the effort that must be invested to earn a significant amount. This type of trading is adapted to the user, but it does not mean that it can be taken lightly, without research and education. Traders must be ready to adapt to the new environment and be patient, because forcing is not the best strategy.

Good strategy is a half of business. My advice is to invest smaller amount so you can invest money in every possible time and never be with total loss. If you don’t have losses you will always be able to recover and invest again. Learn how to not be a greedy person. That will only cost you a fortune. Try to be discipline and to control you and spare yourself of unnecessary expenditure.
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Binary Options Broker Reviews

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Business, News, Trading |


On the Internet there are hundreds of broker’s binary options. With such a wide choice it’s hard to choose a broker that will suit all of our needs and where we will certainly entrust our own money. For this reason Fair Binary Options (FBO) is a list of the best and most reliable broker with the digital market. When choosing the most important information about the broker by reading reviews posted on our website. FBO reviews are written by experts who used trading platform and deliver information from the first hand. If you want to learn how to choose a broker binary options with which it is safest to trade, or only informed about the latest developments in the market, continue reading.

forex-trading-onlineWhen you are choosing a broker binary options first and most important step is to read more than one broker reviews. Reviews will of course be written either positive or negative, that’s exactly why you need to read more of them in order to differentiate that are written objectively. Behind the positive reviews cannot hide the company itself, which is thus trying to promote. Negative reviews can be written by the competition or traders who are frustrated by the loss of cash. Therefore, read reviews of brokers that are very important part in deciding which broker you my trust. Reviews on Fair Binary Options page are mostly positive because it does not cooperate with bad brokers. However, if there is something negative about a particular broker, we will surely point out. Broker’s binary options recommended by the FBO are safe for trading binary options. If the broker proves unsuitable for trading and do not meet the high standards set by the FBOpublish it on the black list .

Fair Binary options broker list binary options

Market broker’s binary options are growing rapidly and are subject of constant changes. So that traders could be familiar with the latest information from the market, we regularly change and transmit them via the Fair Binary Options website. To learn all about the broker you are interested, you only need to click on the review with his name, which is located in the right field, lists binary options broker superscript. FBO can not affect the results of trading, but we can help traders choose the broker binary options with which to trade to be safe and adapted to individual needs.

Fair Binary Options category

7419177_sBy increasing the number of brokers binary options has increased and the scope of information available about them. For one person it is almost impossible to find out any information about such a large number of brokers. That is why the Fair Binary Options developed a unique system of categories broker studying what are the categories that are most important traders. There are several types of broker’s category, all the above mentioned list of broker’s binary options, and meet high standards FBO. Categories are named regulated broker, broker the best, the fastest payouts, the highest yield, the highest bonuses and the best support.

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Stock Options – Trading and Contracts

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Business, Finance, News |


There are many small classifications of options, and I will talk about the styles of trading stock options, of which there are three. First there is American style of trading options in which the option can be exercised any time before the expiration date, while other style is European style of options trading in which you will be able to exercise the option for only short time span before the option expires. Geography has nothing to do with style of trading, in fact most of the stock options trading in Europe is done in American style. Equity options are traded in American style and there are no equity options that are traded in other styles, while the majority of currency options are traded in European style.

Standardized contract may be adjusted, but this can be done only if few things occur. For example if a company does a stock split it messes up all option trades that are than with options whose underlying assets are in fact stocks of that company.

stocks-going-upExchanges that are well organized will haves standardized panels that will serve to adjust contracts as it is necessary. Organized exchanges also offer contracts that are standardized and cost less to buy. From general point of view trading options is similar to trading stocks, but holders of the options don’t have rights that stockholders have (like voting, dividends and so on). Options trading has more commissions than stock trading, because you have to pay a fee for buying, selling and exercising options. This is one of the reasons regular traders, called speculators, avoid options trading and focus on stock exchange.

Premium in the options trading is decided for each share individually ( in case of binary options brokers like banc de it Is not clear how they calculate premium ). So, premium is in most cases multiplied by 100 (a number of stocks in every stock option). So, to buy an option whose premium is one dollar per share you will have to pay 100 dollars for that option, plus all sales commissions that are required. There are few factors that determine premium size of an option, main of them being relationship between strike and current price of the security in question. Premium size is affected by time frame that is left for the option, time frame between current time and expiration date. More time there is, higher the chance of price going in your favour.

111High volatility of the asset in question has big impact on the price movement. High volatility means that there is better chance of price jumping in-the-money. Premium is increased proportionally to the strenght of volatility, high volatility equals high premium, low volatility equals smaller premium. All other things have smaller impact on premium. Payment of dividends will have small impact on premium due to decrease in price of the asset once they are paid. Similar can be said about interest rates as well. But these things are not important, and none of them can influence price enough to turn around price movement caused by one of the stronger factors.

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24option Experience

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in News, Trading |

The Dow Falls On Poor Economic Data In The Housing And Job Market

Top broker is one of the most respected brokers in binary industry, and every trader is important, regardless of whether experienced or wants to try the binary option for the first time in my life, to have a safe broker with it. Although at first glance to be a simple, binary options require a certain level of knowledge, but also support from a broker to help users successfully invested money. For this reason, this brokerage firm always opens for all questions and concerns of its customers and users. Aware of the importance of preserving the good reputation in the binary options, enable the safe, simple and efficient environment in which to raise Trade, quickly and efficiently.

Regulated and safe

24OptionMany traders’ binary options are interested in whether their chosen broker is regulated and how. 24option is a company with which everyone can work together without fear because it is completely regulated. It is registered in Cyprus, by the CySEC, which means it can legally operate in the entire territory of the European Union. During our research, we found only a few minor complaints by users. When reading such reviews should analyze what kind of objection it is: founded or unfounded. In the case of 24option, it was mainly the customers who have lost money due to the irresponsible trading. Quality reviews clearly point out that a broker that provides good service and that is open to its customers. This behavior puts 24option to the top of global brokers’ binary options, and satisfied customers around the world can be the same. In an industry that relies on trust between brokers and traders is crucial to safe and responsible business by what is known 24option.

All the advantages of 24option

24optionss1There is one universal advice for all traders: always good to explore your broker. Specifically, there are a large number of fake and poor broker who just want to take advantage of the popularity of binary option to take the money of their clients. Fortunately, 24option is not one of these brokers, and it is especially recommended for people who want to trade, but do not have time to engage in a detailed analysis of each broker.
24option offers five different types of accounts that will meet the needs of all types of traders and allow them to trade what they always wanted. In addition to 24option offers interesting binary options and additional benefits and incentives in the form of bonuses, their platform is easy to use and navigate.

Furthermore, their specialists, experts and experienced traders are willing to assist other users at any time, trading binary options. Most traders’ binary options evaluated 24 options as the best company and a company that is the fastest and easiest to adapt to current market needs. 24option offers a full range of interesting investment class, but the options with different maturities to trade anything interesting and dynamic, and it is available and the mobile version of the platform for all those who love at any time have their Trade, at your fingertips. The maximum investment in the amount of $ 50.000 says that the 24option platform for serious players, but the existence of a demo account proves that they are open and to beginners who are just starting to learn about binary options.

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